If you are ready to file for bankruptcy, you will need this to find the right attorney

If you are ready to file for bankruptcy, you will need this to find the right attorney

Sometimes life does not turn out as we expect. If you are struggling to pay your debts, one of your options would be to file for bankruptcy. You need to hire the right attorney to take you through the process and simplify it. Looking for the right bankruptcy attorney can be challenging when you want to remain discrete about your financial situation.

Most people choose to search for bankruptcy lawyers from online sources rather than consulting friends due to protecting their privacy. It is a serious step that needs excellent advice. You should, therefore, look for the right representation from a bankruptcy attorney who has experience in the field. Use the following criteria to choose such a lawyer.


Most bankruptcy attorneys are members of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys. This should be the first sign of professionalism you should be looking for in a lawyer. It indicates that such a lawyer is committed to their job. A good bankruptcy lawyer should offer you competent representation.

Check the website of different lawyers to confirm if they are certified. A good lawyer should have years of experience in the field. They should have also have passed the written exams in the specialty. Having practical knowledge in the field is crucial since your attorney can make the right decisions if anything goes wrong during the process.

Once you have identified a couple of attorneys through their websites, you should fill out the downloadable forms to help you determine if your financial situation makes you qualify for bankruptcy. Get appointments with a few lawyers to secure one that you are comfortable with. Come up with a list of questions and present them to the lawyers while vetting them.

They should suggest alternate resolutions

An ethical bankruptcy attorney should present you with options to help you solve your financial situation. Filing for bankruptcy should be your last option since it can harm credit score. They should help you weigh your options and give you great advice on the best course of action to take.

The right bankruptcy lawyer displays passion

Choose an attorney that shows the passion for the process and occupation. You can try to find out why they specialized in the field. Most of them find the job rewarding and fascinating.

They should show empathy and be understanding

Declaring bankruptcy is painful for most people. Due to the emotions involved, you need an attorney that does not only understand the law but also displays the desire to understand your goals and specific situation. They should empathize with you and try to understand your case by asking relevant questions. Hire a bankruptcy attorney who can address your worries and respects you.

Consider the fee

Attorney fees range from £800-2500 depending on the complexity of the case and location. Do not hire the lawyer with the lowest fee nor the one with the most expensive rates. Let the above qualities guide you in getting the right bankruptcy attorney before considering the cost.