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Personal Bankruptcy Statistics For 2009

Do you wonder how many have filed bankruptcy for the year 2009? Perhaps you only want to know how many filed personal bankruptcy in your state. Here’s a compilation of the 2009 statistical data that came from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court website. Figures are for non-business bankruptcy filing (Ch 7, 11 & 13 only). The top 9 states are listed below, followed by a complete list sorted by state.

CA 200,806 California IL 71,778 Illinois NY 54,124 New York
FL 92,158 Florida OH 68,748 Ohio TN 53,138 Tennessee
GA 72,126 Georgia MI 67,265 Michigan TX 50,868 Texas


Here’s the complete table in alphabetical order.

AL 34,180 Alabama KY 24,619 Kentucky ND 1,528 North Dakota
AK 894 Alaska LA 17,911 Louisiana OH 68,748 Ohio
AZ 33,022 Arizona ME 3,630 Maine OK 13,615 Oklahoma
AR 15,964 Arkansas MD 25,341 Maryland OR 17,787 Oregon
CA 200,806 California MA 20,274 Massachusetts PA 35,443 Pennsylvania
CO 26,883 Colorado MI 67,265 Michigan RI 4,926 Rhode Island
CT 9,867 Connecticut MN 20,597 Minnesota SC 9,353 South Carolina
DE 2,960 Delaware MS 14,217 Mississippi SD 1,760 South Dakota
DC 1,067 District of Columbia MO 30,470 Missouri TN 53,138 Tennessee
FL 92,158 Florida MT 2,621 Montana TX 50,868 Texas
GA 72,126 Georgia NE 7,239 Nebraska UT 14,159 Utah
HI 3,010 Hawaii NV 28,830 Nevada VT 1,498 Vermont
ID 7,323 Idaho NH 4,691 New Hampshire VA 35,338 Virginia
IL 71,778 Illinois NJ 34,662 New Jersey WA 30,379 Washington
IN 47,289 Indiana NM 5,822 New Mexico WV 6,458 West Virginia
IA 9,787 Iowa NY 54,124 New York WI 26,974 Wisconsin
KS 10,607 Kansas NC 26,373 North Carolina WY 1,270 Wyoming

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Alabama (308)

Alaska (20)

Arizona (242)

Arkansas (89)

California (333)

Colorado (275)

Connecticut (248)

Delaware (174)

District of Columbia (278)

Florida (316)

Georgia (344)

Hawaii (28)

Idaho (53)

Illinois (420)

Indiana (288)

Iowa (82)

Kansas (105)

Kentucky (189)

Louisiana (231)

Maine (53)

Maryland (358)

Massachusetts (384)

Michigan (366)

Minnesota (149)

Mississippi (119)

Missouri (194)

Montana (41)

Nebraska (72)

Nevada (154)

New Hampshire (43)

New Jersey (291)

New Mexico (65)

New York (341)

North Carolina (354)

North Dakota (25)

Ohio (304)

Oklahoma (188)

Oregon (137)

Pennsylvania (289)

Rhode Island (71)

South Carolina (160)

South Dakota (15)

Tennessee (260)

Texas (437)

Utah (102)

Vermont (22)

Virginia (314)

Washington (309)

West Virginia (68)

Wisconsin (169)

Wyoming (23)

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