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How to Declare Bankruptcy — 3 Methods of Filing Bankruptcy That Can Save You Money

by Roilee Mandeville

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Do you wonder on how to file bankruptcy with the current budget that you have? Declaring bankruptcy is not an easy thing to do. This article will teach you the three different ways on how to file for personal bankruptcy. Pick the solution that works best for your current budget.

The Safest Method: Hire a Personal Bankruptcy Lawyer

You should first consider the posibility of hiring an affordable bankruptcy lawyer full-time. This method is the safest way because your attorney will guide you through the entire process. The attorney will be the one to prepare your case and file it to the Federal Bankruptcy Court. The only downside to this method is that it is expensive if you don’t know how to screen lawyers to your advantage. There is a smart way of testing this method without spending a single dollar. Most lawyers offer a free initial consultation online or over the phone with no obligation to hire. Take advantage of those free offers! Don’t just find a lawyer — you should find the RIGHT local lawyer for your budget.

LegalMatch Pre-Screen Process

Free Resources You Can Try

Clear Bankruptcy can connect you with a bankruptcy attorney near you. You can request a FREE and NO OBLIGATION bankruptcy case evaluation by completing a short form. You may also call (877) 872-9037 toll-free.

LegalMatch is another service provider and among the pioneers in online free legal matching. You can access pre-screened lawyers through a simple, three-step process on their website. As soon as you present your case, lawyers within the location you specified will receive email alerts about your legal needs. In as little as 24 hours you’ll begin to receive responses to your submitted case from interested attorneys. Then it’s up to you to choose the right lawyer for your case based on the responses you receive and the qualifications you’re looking for. You will never be charged to use their service, and no credit card is required. Start presenting your case to pre-screened bankruptcy lawyers near you.

The Hybrid Method: Fixed Budget Bankruptcy Filing Services

This method is perhaps the most economical among the three. This still requires the services of an attorney. You will hire the lawyer for a fixed or flat fee to evaluate, prepare, and file your papers. After that, you will attend the Meeting of Creditors but without the presence of your legal counsel. In this solution, you only hire the lawyer in preparing and filing of your case. You are on your own after that. This method works best on filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you happen to fall on Chapter 13, then this method might not be right for you.

The Cheapest Method: File Bankruptcy Yourself

As the name suggests, this is the cheapest way to file bankruptcy. This is “pro se” or file bankruptcy without a lawyer. You can download the official forms for free but it’s better and faster to use a bankruptcy forms software. Save yourself from the hassle of trying to figure out how to file bankruptcy on your own. You can learn the essential concepts of the bankruptcy process in a short amount of time.

Do-it-yourself Software Kit

File Bankruptcy Yourself

Recommended by American Legal Review

The American Legal Review gave their “Consumer Product Recommendation” approval to this software. There are many do-it-yourself bankruptcy kits out there but this is the only one that has completed samples of each form. It’s like having a cheatsheet when you fill out the bankruptcy forms. Inline comments and instructions are included on the forms itself. It feels like someone is teaching you how to fill out the form with your own data. Pro se filing can’t be any easier than this! Check the details on how to file bankruptcy yourself using a bankruptcy software. This product is designed to save you time and money.

Filing for bankruptcy is no doubt a complex matter. Armed with the right knowledge and up-to-date information can make this life experience easier to handle.

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